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A leading service provider in the area of Property and liability claims adjusting, Survey and Appraisal, Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

CLA is a professionally managed limited liability company setup with an objective of meeting the growing demands of all kinds of Insurance Claims Management Services and Independent Survey requirements of Insurance industries as well as the individuals

Corniche Loss Adjusters LLC (CLA) with its corporate base in Dubai are claims specialists and surveyors with unique solutions for the insurance industry! Whether it be for marine survey, industrial, commercial or mechanical breakdown, fire, flood or other insured situations, the company provides the most efficient, comprehensive and economic loss adjusting and associated claims solutions to the Insurance Industry across the Middle East Region to all areas of the insurance and associated industries

Being independent claims specialists who investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of insurance companies we help policyholders restore their property to full working order. We work with a multi-disciplinary approach and offer a full range of loss adjusting services in accordance with the strict, ethical and professional guidelines. CLA started operations in 1997 in Dubai by registering as a loss adjuster in Dubai, with the Ministry of Economy, UAE as Independent Surveyors ! (Registration No. 117)

At CLA we have considerable experience in associating with commercial, industrial and professional Insurers as well as individual policy holders. We provide expertise in loss adjustment of large and/or complex claims, catastrophe management, and reinsurance audit services for major insurers and re-insurers with a selected network of independent adjusters throughout the Middle East.

The company has achieved a phenomenal success in the industry by delivering a unique blend of professionalism and personal service at a very competitive cost. At CLA we recognize quality of service as an essential element which provides the company its continued success in the field of independent surveys. We are totally committed to achieve and maintain a quality standard that meets the contractual requirement by striving to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our main objective is to provide true value for money to our clients with the highest level of professional services.

Our aim is develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with the underwriters, brokers and re-insurers by understanding the principal and fundamentals of the insurance business.


Experience & Strength

We offer experienced loss adjusters technical staff to provide a focused claim service. Based on our proven expertise for handling claims we have acquired distinct merits and esteem by offering quality services to our clients. The company has particular expertise in insurance claims of Property, Engineering, Machinery Break Down, Loss of profit, Marine Cargo and Miscellaneous Department. Our management and technical staff are professionally trained and well experienced in their respective fields.



As Loss adjusters we investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of insurance companies and help policyholders restore their property to full working order. We investigate the scene of an incident, establish the causes of the 'loss' (damage or destruction of property) and whether it is covered by the insurance policy. We then write reports for the insurer, assessing the validity of the claim and recommending appropriate payment.

Claims could be caused by a wide range of incidents including flood, accident, fire (including arson), theft or fraud, giving the job plenty of variety. Our professional team is skilled in Accountancy, Surveying, Information Technology, Engineering, Valuation and all aspects of Loss Adjusting and Loss Prevention

CLA has experienced and professional technical surveyors in the insurance field in assessing / adjusting the loss in the following areas


  • Material damage to Building, Plants & Machinery, Stock due to fire and allied perils.
  • Loss of profit due to fire and allied perils.


  • Motor Accident, Motor Valuation


  • Burglary Insurance
  • Cash in Transit
  • Jewelry Block Insurance


  • Machinery Insurance (MBD)
  • Boiler Explosion
  • Contractor all risk / Erection all risk (CAR/ EAR)
  • Contractors Plant & Machinery (CPM)
  • Electronics & Equipment Insurance (EEI)
  • Loss of profit (Machinery Insurance)

In Marine & Cargo survey we inspect shipping vessels and cargoes to certify compliance with national and international health and safety regulations in cargo handling and stowage. We read vessel documents that set forth cargo loading and security procedures, capacities and stability factors to ascertain cargo capabilities according to design and cargo regulations. We inspect the technical components of the vessel and their functionality in case of disputes occurring between ship owners and insurance agencies.

We undertake pre-loading surveys to avoid damage to both cargo and vessel by bad stowage and bad securing on board. We asses the damage if any has occurred in the unloading operation.

  • Marine Cargo, Cargo loss minimization
  • Pre-acceptance inspection.
  • Sea worthiness and valuation of fishing vessels and pleasure crafts


  • Loading and Discharge supervision of General Cargo and Project Cargo
  • Pre-shipment inspection of commodities including volume & weight
  • Cargo Measurement.


Bunker surveys establishes the amount of bunker and lube oil onboard the vessel. These surveys play a crucial part in loss prevention. Apart from the above these surveys help in establishing the quantity, quality of bunkers on board during on/off-hire period, continuous inventory control and its verification during bunkering on barges, ships, shore tanks helps in actual analysis of bunkers and sampling as and when necessary required.


Drafts survey is a survey carried out to determine the actual of the cargo being loaded (or discharged) from ships. These surveys are carried out by reading the vessel's drafts, measuring the ballast water, fuel &diesel oil and other liquids on board, and calculating the final quantity by using the vessel's approved dead-weight scales and tank tables, etc.

Due to the increase in global trade containers are used to transport bulk cargo. From equipment and machinery parts to textiles to perishable goods, containers carry almost everything. Reliable inspections are in great demand nowadays as determining whether a container is unsuitable for cargo can greatly reduce the risk of liability for firms exporting goods. Companies nowadays seek inspection agencies having the experience and qualifications to verify the structural integrity of containers.

CLA offers a full range of equipment inspection and management services, minimizing costs and maximizing utilization during the container life cycle.

We undertake:


  • Inspection for purpose of inter change / transfer of custody
  • Inspection for pre/ post repairs.
  • Superintendence during stuffing / de stuffing, loading or preparation of documents including bay plans.
  • Inspection for light / water thickness.


  • Pre - shipment Inspection and monitoring.
  • Superintendence during stuffing/ un-stuffing of reefer cargo for pre shipment / post - shipment

Revaluation of fixed assets & Chartered Engineer Certification.

Over the past many years, there has been a substantial inflationary trend worldwide. Valuation of fixed assets like building, plant & machinery, vehicles, furniture & fixtures, office equipment, fishing vessels, pleasure crafts and dredgers is a recent concept with a definite purpose. The basis of valuation has to be in accordance with a specific objective. Economists, Financial Institutions, Businessmen and common man have their own perspective for valuation figures

The Insurance companies insist on adequacy of sum insured for fixed assets like building, plant & machinery, either on replacement basis or on market value basis. Therefore the progressive management would like to ascertain from independent valuers, the replacement value and the market

We have a team of well experienced Chartered Engineers, Valuers, Accountants in our company as well as our Associates. We have carried out numerous revaluation jobs for different corporative, individuals which helped our client to meet their requirements.

Corniche Loss Adjusters LLC (CLA) have well experienced Insurance professionals to carry out risk inspection in light of Insurance coverage. The risk may be an industry, power plant desalination plant warehouse, multi-storied building, office building, hotel, and assembly, department store, computer centers etc. CLA adopts standardized risk survey procedure to evaluate the risk. This includes all facts from the analysis of existing hazards and suggestion for implementation of preventative measures to improve the risk.

The professional team at CLA is proficient in performing both residential building inspections and extremely specialized inspections commonly associated with industrial and/or commercial properties including high rise structures and hazardous locations.

CLA offers specialized services in lashing and securing of loose/pelletized cargo in containers to prevent any kind of damage during transit. Our experienced professionals are trained to safely secure your valuable cargo using different types of lashing accessories and timber braising /blocking as required.

Our technical expertise helps us to lash and secure the cargo with the appropriate lashing materials and techniques keeping in mind an extensive range of parameters including weight, acceleration, modes of transport etc.

We serve many industrial segments like oil & gas industry , automation and computer industry , telecom equipment, healthcare equipment, aerospace, vehicles , museums & fine art as well as exhibition un-packing and re-packing etc. among others.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Container Lashing Services
  • General Cargo Lashing Services
  • Pipe Lashing Services
  • Car Lashing Services
  • Equipment Machinery Lashing Services
  • Project Cargo Lashing Services
  • Seaport / Onboard Lashing Services


We are totally committed

  • To achieve and maintain a quality standard that meets the contractual requirement by striving to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • To maintain the trust of our clients who entrust their business and future into our hands.
  • To offer unique and reliable consultancy services in association with other leading specialist organisations both locally and internationally.
  • To use our knowledge to work at managing every kinds of risk exposures by eliminating risks or reducing it to an acceptable level.

Our Vision

To be a premier loss adjusting company and develop long term mutually beneficial relationships with the underwriters, brokers and reinsurers by understanding the principal and fundamentals of the insurance business.



Corniche Loss Adjusters LLC
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